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Play with a Purpose for the Holidays! Toys for infants ages 0 to 6 months.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

With the holidays right around the corner, it is certainly time to start thinking about the season of giving! If you have a little one on your list, take a look at the items below! These items are for babies, 0-6 months; they encourage developmental skills and are lots of fun!

Each item on the list has therapeutic benefits. If you click on the link of each item's title, you will be redirected to Amazon should you wish to explore purchasing options.

Let's play with a purpose!

Toys for babies 0-6 months

This toy is easy to grasp and bring to the mouth; which is an important skill for babies development as it helps with developing their sensory systems!

Infants are able to see red, white, and black colors the best. These contrasting colors will help visual tracking skills and hold baby’s attention a bit longer during play. This toy is also great for babies who have skills that are emerging such as holding an object and bringing it to their mouth as well as using two hands together (bilateral coordination) to hold a toy.

Reading to your baby is so important! This simple book has contrasting colors to hold baby’s attention.You can also prop up this hardcover book during tummy time to encourage your little one to lift their head. It is also great for language development. As your baby grows, you can show them how to turn the pages and point to the photos in the book.

Fat Brain Toys are some of the best around. You are easily able to search their website for toys based on your child’s age. I’ve also started to see some of their toys at Target!

PipSquigz Loops have suction cups on either end; so it will suction to baby’s high chair tray. This toy is great for teething as it is made of food grade silicone. This toy also encourages a great sensory experience as it has different colors and textures.

These contrasting colors are great for visual scanning. This Car Seat Gallery could be used in the car, or prop it up in front of baby during tummy time to engage them for a longer period of time while on their belly.

These offer a great sensory oral motor experience! Cut up and freeze some fruit (banana, mango, strawberries) place inside and let thaw for a few minutes. Allow your little one to explore (you may have to help them to hold it initially) and bring it to their mouth. Eventually, they will get the hang of it! Good for little ones who are teething & exploring new foods. (FYI: if you purchase the munchkin fresh food feeder, be sure to clean it soon after as the food will harden and make it more difficult to clean :)

Around this 0-6 month age, babies will begin to bring their hands together at midline (in the middle of their body), visually track items (follow people or toys vertically and horizontally), reach for and grasp toys, and put their hands (and toys!) in their mouth.

Please remember that development varies; there is a range for each developmental skill. If you have any questions regarding your baby's development or how they are progressing, please feel free to reach out to me via email.

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