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Holiday Gift Guide for children 5+

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

This obstacle course is a great activity for so many reasons! This creates the opportunity for open ended play, provides proprioceptive and vestibular input, all while strengthening and encouraging your child to motor plan their way from start to finish!

Who has played this game growing up? You will find Perfection in almost every OT's office; whether it is at school, outpatient or their car (which is my office :) and there is good reason for it! This game facilitates sequencing, grading force, visual perceptual & fine motor skills. You can choose to have the timer on for your child, or you don't have to use the timer at all and simply practice orienting the pieces and placing them in the correct spot. If the timer is on, this adds an auditory component to the game which is great to use if your child is working on processing information in a multisensory environment.

Zoom ball looks like a simple game but it takes a whole lot of coordination. You will need two people for this game, stand far enough away from one another until the string is pulled tight. Then open your arms and close them at the appropriate time to keep the Zoom ball in motion! This activity works on motor planning, timing, communication,and social skills.

Blokus is a game of strategy! Place as many of your pieces down on the board & the player with the least amount of pieces remaining wins... but, there's a catch; the pieces need to touch at the corners only and come into contact with pieces of the same color. Your goal is to protect your side of the board and try to block your opponent! Try playing this game on the floor and have your child lie down in prone (on their belly) while engaging their fine motor and visual perceptual skills!

Swingin' Shoes attaches to the door frame in your home. Your child then attempts to toss the horseshoes onto the pole; but each time they toss, the suspended platform moves around! This game facilitates coordination, timing, & visual motor skills!

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