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Holiday Gift Guide; 6-12 months.

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The items below are for little ones ages 6 to 12 months! You may have to demonstrate how to use the toys & books initially. Do not get discouraged if you present a new item and your little one does not engage in play right away. It is ok to put it away & present it again another time. Sensory systems are ever changing and still developing at this age-just keep trying!

Interactive books

Touch and feel books offer a more interactive approach! The tactile experience helps to hold your baby’s attention for a longer period of time. Some little ones do not enjoy touch and feel books initially, but continue to present them. Show them how to touch the pages and open the book to make them more comfortable.

Baby can push on the different color bubbles and will learn to flip the toy over to keep the fun going! This is a great toy for promoting bilateral coordination (use of two hands together), developing a point, and is also great for cognitive development as this toy usually holds a little one’s attention for a few minutes!

Suction Kupz are so much fun! Use them for stacking, problem solving, and hand strengthening. You can stick them onto the refrigerator, or use them in the bath tub.

Tunnels help to promote crawling which is so important because it strengthens the upper body, provides shoulder stability, and improves core strength. This also aids in proprioception (body awareness) as it requires more work. Sometimes, I will place blankets under the tunnel to make the activity a bit more difficult and work additional muscles.

Poke A Dot! books are perfect to practice pointing. Isolating the index finger is a skill that emerges around 12 months. These books promote that skill because as your little one pushes on the dot, it makes a popping sound and encourages continued play!

The Strider bike is intended for 6-18 months. Make sure baby can sit independently before beginning to use the bike! This is great for balance, core strengthening, and vestibular processing (movement). The bike detaches from the base and your toddler can use the Strider bike from 18 months until about 5 years old.

Sleep is crucial to development! Below are a couple white noise machines that can help to facilitate sleep. If your little one struggles with sleep, you should follow @takingcarababies on Instagram for tips on how to help your little one's sleep schedule.

Travel white noise machines facilitate self regulation and help baby to keep their nap time routine, even when you may be out and about.

This night light is also a white noise machine, audio monitor, and clock. As your little one gets older, they can use the time to rise feature, which it helps them to understand when to stay in bed and when to get up in the morning.

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