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Holiday Gift Guide, 4-5 years!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Toss the ball to your child, have them catch it & look under their thumb to respond to the motor movement listed! Actions such as "hop with 1 foot", "paddle a canoe" etc. should be acted out by either the person catching the ball or everyone playing! This is a great game for social interaction, motor planning,body awareness & gross motor imitation. As your child gets older, they can practice identifying sight words and eventually reading the action independently!

Pattern Blocks and Boards helps to build visual perceptual and fine motor skills! Choose a pattern, and then have your child match the correct pattern blocks to the board. While your child is engaged in this activity, have them lie down on the floor in prone (on their belly) to provide additional input and endurance to different muscle groups!

Toss and Catch is a great game for kiddos who are learning to catch a ball! It reduces frustration if they are having difficulty with catching; and even if they are great at catching a ball- this is a different way to play, and most kiddos love it! Great for visual motor skills, proprioceptive input (using more force to pull the ball from the velcro), bilateral coordination, sequencing, body awareness, and improves social interaction skills.

Take turns gently removing the pieces of spaghetti from underneath the Yeti and try not to let him fall! This game is great for turn taking, grading force, problem solving, and visual motor skills.

Spot it! is such a great game. There are multiple different cards with different pictures that vary in size and are rotated in different directions. Play with your child and see who can find the match first! Spot it! comes with a booklet which reviews many other variations of the game. This activity is great for visual motor, language, and form constancy (identifying an object even though it is rotated in a different direction or smaller than the object you are trying to match.)

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