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Holiday Gift Guide, 3-4 years!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Adding a sensory component to an activity will usually improve attention. Discovery Putty is a great way to strengthen little hands and provide heavy work during activities; it also provides a tactile experience during play. While your kiddo is rescuing the animals from the putty, they can practice labeling the animals and making animal sounds! Putty is a lot of fun-but it will stick to clothing-especially when it is pulled apart, so I always recommend being close by during play!

Glo Pals offer an engaging sensory experience! They light up in water and are perfect for bath time or water sensory play.

Mini Squigz provide a fun fine motor experience! I love how this little guy is playing with the Squigz in the photo above because playing on a vertical surface promotes great shoulder stability and positions the wrist into extension. Wrist extension is important for developing a good grasp on a writing utensil. Your child can also sort the Mini Squigz by color! This toy comes in a small container and is also perfect for road trips.

The Teeter Popper is great for vestibular input! Have your little one sit down, hold onto the handles, and rock side to side. This toy makes a fun popping sound when it is in motion as it has suction cups on the bottom. This activity facilitates core strengthening, coordination, and motor planning!

This game facilitates social skills for little ones! Practice waiting and turn taking during play! Have your child help you set up by stacking the worms to create the tower. Roll the dice and remove the appropriate color worm! You may have to demonstrate how to gently pull the worms out of the tower and then have them try! This game is great for visual perceptual skills and learning how to grade force.

Monkey Noodles are a great fidget toy for tactile and proprioceptive input! They are able to be stretched a few feet; your child will love to squeeze and pull on them. Monkey Noodles are great for children that have difficulty attending to seated activities (story time, remote learning) as using a fidget toy can facilitate attention.

The Bugzzle is a great visual perceptual challenge! It facilitates problem solving, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. Your little one will choose a card, then choose the correct pieces to place on the board & match the picture they see! I usually go through the cards first, choose a couple of them that are less challenging, and start by placing a few pieces on the Bugzzle. As your little one becomes more confident, you can choose more challenging cards and have them try on their own!

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