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Holiday Gift Guide, 2-3 years!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Wikki Stix have a sticky texture to them as they are made out of wax, but do not leave a mess! If your child demonstrates some tactile defensiveness (does not like to get messy) these are a good option! Kiddos that enjoy messy play will also love these because they do have a sensory component to them. This kit comes with a booklet on additional activities for kids which promotes tactile play, visual perceptual skills, and attention to tasks.

Since the winter months are upon us, this indoor gym is a great option for play. The indoor gym is great for the vestibular system (balance & movement) and proprioception (understanding where our body is in space and how we move.) This offers great proprioceptive and vestibular input because kids are able to pull, hang, balance, swing, and climb. Eventually, they can use the swing independently and will learn how to coordinate their upper and lower body to gain momentum. I usually recommend placing cushions underneath the indoor gym to be safe!

The 2 in 1 musical jump 'n toss is awesome for so many reasons! This toy facilitates motor planning, sequencing, visual motor skills, grading force, and adds a multisensory component as it plays music (and it's super cute.) As the lady bug spins, have your little one practice motor planning (they will have to time their movement just right to jump over the poles.) The height and speed changes on the settings button, so you can adjust the difficulty as your little one becomes more confident! The poles can then be placed on top of the lady bug, (see first photo) and your child can practice tossing the rings onto the poles.

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